What benefits have you gained from your Quadient mailing system?

In our November 2022 survey of 102 users of Quadient mail-related solutions, more than 65% of respondents reported that they benefited from the easy operation of the system, more than 40% reported that they experienced operational expense savings and over 30% of respondents indicated that they increased productivity in mailing operations.


What our customers have to say about Quadient mailing systems

“We use the Quadient mailing system for outgoing mail.  It offers our agency cost savings, increased productivity, elimination of error in postage rates, and it is user friendly.”

-       Business Professional at a non-profit

“The Quadient postal machine has helped in getting our mail out in a timely manner, it doesn't jam up, or skip envelopes like our last one did. This one has held up to the mass amounts of mail we go through so far and we are very happy with it.”

-       Operations Manager at a small business in professional services

“Products are great, customer service is great, and ordering supplies is very easy.”

-       Operations Manager at a medium-sized professional services business

“Can handle a large volume of mail at one time.”

-       Operations Manager at a medium-sized professional services business 

“We mail a lot. Having a fast machine is so important.  Time is money.”

-       IT Manager at a small insurance company 

“We use Quadient mailing system for postage stamping in high volume without issues or breakdowns.”

-       Facilities Manager at a medium-sized electronics company


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