Top-ranked U.S. ivy league university finally finds reliability, with Quadient mailing systems

Top ranked US ivy league university case study

One of the oldest and top-ranked Ivy League universities in the U.S. performs vital mailings to prospective students throughout the school year. The university’s undergraduate operations center had been using a well-known postage meter provider for over 20 years but had been encountering increasing breakdowns with their equipment. The disruption in the mail process would cause not only frustration and delay to the operators, but also a loss of time in waiting for the machine to be fixed and additional work for damaged mail pieces to be recreated.

The operations team chose a combination of an IN-700 Series Mailing System, a DS-75i Folder Inserter, and an IM-2112 Automatic Mail Opener from Quadient. With this full set of Quadient mail solutions, the mailing process is smooth, and the equipment takes up much less space, requires no additional maintenance, and does what it is supposed to without errors.

"Quadient really is the wind beneath my wings. I was only able to grow wings because I was less stressed and stopped pulling my feathers out once I switched to Quadient. Now look at me, I’m flying high.”
- Brian Rocheny, Processing Coordinator of Operations

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