What are the main applications you use with your Quadient mailing system?

In our November 2022 survey of 103 users of Quadient mail-related solutions, almost 60% reported that they use their mailing system to apply standard marketing mail postage and priority mail postage, while 25% indicated that they use their mailing machine to apply postage to parcels. Just over 10% indicated they use their mailing machine to prepare postal accounting reports.


Apply postage on marketing mail, priority mail, and parcels

Businesses that ship letters, flats (large envelopes), or small packages in bulk volumes can save money, time, and trips to the post office with a postage meter.  Metering services enable businesses to save up to 24% on shipping costs compared to regular stamps since some postal services charge less for metered mail.  With a postage meter, postage printing and tracking costs can be done from the comfort of a home or office, significantly reducing the number of trips to the post office.

“It gives us fewer things to worry about because it automatically handles the postage rates etc. without us having to even learn about them. We just put the mail through and have no worries about it being correct.”

-       Business Professional at an educational institution

Prepare postal accounting reports

A postage meter’s activities contain a wealth of information that can provide valuable business insights. With the right reporting package, businesses can:

  • Cross-charge postage expenses to specific departments
  • Analyze postage spend to identify areas for potential cost savings
  • Track the amount spent on postage, who it spent it, and how much postage is costing the business overall
  • Understand mail classes and postage patterns to take advantage of potential savings
  • Eliminate errors resulting from reconciling postage costs manually.

To find out how Quadient can help you unlock the secrets of your postage meter, take a look at what NeoStats can do.

“The Quadient mailing system saves us time and money as well as providing detailed reports for keeping track of postage expense per account.”

-       Business Professional at an educational institution


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