When selecting a Quadient mailing system, which of the following capabilities were most important to you?

In our November 2022 survey of 104 users of Quadient mail-related solutions, more than 65% reported that the ease of adding postage funds to the meter was most important to them, while 65% indicated that a simple interface was most important. The same percentage said that having an integrated weigh scale was most important to them.



Ease of adding postage funds to the meter

With Quadient postage meters, users don’t need to worry about running out of postage during busy mailing periods, as postage is refillable 24/7 with the click of a button.  Your business’s mailing costs are deducted from a pre-funded account, and since postage meters track the cost of postage, price changes are calculated in real-time.

“We use Quadient mailing system for postage stamping in high volume without issues or breakdowns.”

-       Facilities Manager at a medium-sized electronics business

Simple interface

Quadient postage meters feature an intuitive and user-friendly control panel that makes them easy to operate.  Navigation is simple thanks to shortcut keys and easy-to-use prompts.  Shortcut keys are easy to program and enable you to create one-touch access to your most frequently used rates and services.  Choose the most commonly used postal rates or customize and save the settings for your most frequent jobs.

Integrated scale to weigh mail pieces to calculate postage

Quadient’s line of postage meters feature integrated scales with precision weighing, ensuring the correct weight of every item you process to prevent over and underspending. Some models include a Rate Wizard that simplifies the process of selecting the correct postal rate and class for your items to avoid overpaying for postage. 

“It's simple to use with proper training, and still fairly simple to use if you are not experienced.  To be able to better weigh, sort, and stamp a large quantity of mail is greatly beneficial.”

-       Business Professional at a small legal firm

Speed of the system

Quadient’s line of postage meters includes machines suitable for businesses of all sizes, not just large businesses that send huge volumes of mail. Speed is defined as the number of letters that a postage meter can process per minute. Quadient’s line of postage meters ranges from machines that process 18 letters per minute (lpm) to machines that process 300 lpm.

“The high-speed processing is huge for us, as we only have one team member that processes all of our outgoing mail daily.”

-       Director from a medium-sized business in healthcare

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