iX-5 Series mailing system

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iX-5 Series mailing system

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The iX-5 offers flexibility and efficiency while maintaining job integrity every step of the way. Ideal for mid-level mail volumes, the iX-5 is available in two models, a power-assisted hand feed (iX-5 HF) or with auto-feed technology (iX-5 AF).

The iX-5 boasts a modern design with a color screen and easy-to-use control panel. The system meets the latest Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) and Dimensional Weighing (DIM) USPS® requirements. The contemporary design of the iX-5 Series depicts clean lines and bold edges while maintaining Quadient’s commitment to build and ship products in the most ecological manner.

Optimizing Efficiency

The iX-5 HF offers a power-assisted hand feeder/moistener combination and processes up to 75 lpm. All other components of the mailing system are shared with the iX-5 AF system.

Multi-Carrier Shipping with Neoship Advanced

Times are changing and businesses want options when it comes to sending parcels. Some companies are extremely loyal to a specific carrier, while others are focused on the bottom line. Hitting a delivery target, or sending an item at the lowest cost are key priorities. Neoship ADVANCED provides the choices businesses are looking for. 

Manage, control and track postage expenses with Neostat

This robust application provides tools to reconcile postage dollars down to the penny! 

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