Mail Processing Automation

Leading children’s hospital improves mail processing productivity


Seattle Children's Hospital (SCH) delivers specialty care in partnership with the primary care providers of the patient. SCH creates approximately 1,200 documents per day with 250 of those printed documents that are stuffed into envelopes and sent out by the postal service. The current machines utilized by SCH could not provide them with all the requirements they needed. As such, they turned to Quadient to find a solution. The solution was to utilize the OMS software, DS-75i folder inserter and address validation software to create an automated mailing process for the hospital, creating an 88% reduction in manual labor for their mail operations.

Learn how the DS-75i folder inserter and the OMS software enabled Seattle Children's Hospital to:

  • Create an automated mailing process
  • Create customizable letters to include recipient information for prepared address pages
  • Group documents by recipient
  • Barcode the medical report pages going to each recipient
  • Leverage the address validation software, which alerts SCH when a recipient’s address is invalid or
  • Reduce mail labor operations by 88%
  • Improve ability to perform mail tasks when primary staff are out of office
  • Improve job satisfaction for employees 
  • Assign additional, high value tasks to existing staff

Download the case study to learn more.