Production mail is changing. What does your future look like?

Customer channel preferences are constantly changing. As communication channels increase, so does the complexity of keeping existing print mail volume. Industries that rely on producing print-based communications must be able to accommodate shorter and more diverse mailings.

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Reduce downtime

Automatically change jobs in seconds versus hours. No skilled operator required.

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Produce jobs faster

Optimise mailing equipment to maximise productivity.


Increase revenue

Take on more business including shorter and more diverse jobs.


Manage customer data

Create personalised communications while ensuring customer privacy.

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Take on more jobs

Built to handle a wide variety of jobs with incredible speed and accuracy, our mailing equipment and software work seamlessly together to deliver the utmost quality and integrity. Our state-of-the-art folder inserters handle flats, different-sized envelopes, and even booklets at the same time.

Download our ebook, Printing the Future to see how mail service organisations are finding new opportunities and building stronger connections with their customers. Also, check out the Top 5 Predictions for the Future of Mail from key advisors, analysts, and industry experts around the globe.

Only invest in what you need

Our equipment’s modular design means that you can customise the solution to fit your business needs and expand features and modules as your business grows.

Competitive leasing offers allow you to amortise the cost of your investment over time, and avoid significant capital expenditures upfront. Among its many benefits, leasing gives you first access to product upgrades and provides tax savings.

only invest in what you need

Secure document integrity and protect sensitive data

Quadient’s Automated Insertion Management System (AIMS) verifies each mail piece is completed correctly. AIMS tracks the inserting process in real-time to ensure that the right documents go in the right envelope. The closed-loop verification process provides an audit trail to prove the right communications go to the right recipient every time.

Manage complex variable data with ease

Quadient's industry-leading customer communications solutions enable you to pull together complex data from anywhere to create and deliver highly personalised, easy-to-navigate batch and on-demand communications that are secure and compliant.

Find out how Quadient mail solutions helped RNB Group a high-volume print service provider process mailings 3X faster while increasing accuracy and security.

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Future of Mail

Ready for the future?

Partner with a mailing expert

At Quadient, we strongly believe in and are investing in the future of mail. Many experts have confirmed that printed documents are highly desired and are making a resurgence. Print has been proven to have a longer and more lasting impact than digital messages, regardless of the audience.

For over 90 years, Quadient has been a trusted mailroom partner bringing the latest innovations to the mailing industry. Our teams continue to develop new tools and services that provide our customers with powerful mailing, shipping, and software solutions to drive and grow their business.

The combination of Quadient mailing equipment and intelligent software has resulted in minimal downtime and maximum run time, the removal of time consuming set up and GDPR compliance.

— Ryan Metcalf

RNB Group

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DS-700 iQ

Fold and insert up to 300,000 envelopes per month WATCH VIDEO

DS-1200 G4i

Up to 16 feeders for a wide variety of applications.

Automation Insertion Management Software (AIMS)

Track jobs every step of the way from feed to finish


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